PocketClive - The Next Generation

Welcome to the new home of PocketClive...

PocketClive is a PocketPC emulator for the 48K and 128K ZX Spectrum computers from Sinclair

This site will track the progress of the next generation of PocketClive - Release 3. The last release was made in 2002 and is still available from the old location (see link to PocketClive Release 2 on the left side).

The exact content of the next generation is still to be decided. Progress is slow but steady. The source code that will be hosted at this site in the near future will only be of interest to people that are looking into porting Fuse to other platforms themselves. But that will change...

1 November 2004, Anders Holmberg

Release 3A - PreAlpha 1

First attempt to port Fuse 0.7.0 and Libspectrum 0.2.2. Currently builds on Mac OS X with simple SDL-based graphics. When happy with the basic stuff the code will be moved to PocketPC.

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